To print or email an observation, you do not need to publish the observation. An observation can be emailed to the teacher from the OWL app or OWL website, and be can printed from the OWL website. Note: When a supervisor emails the observation to a teacher, they will also be emailed a copy. The exception to this is if the supervisor re-sends the sign-off email, the supervisor will not get a copy.

Emailing an Observation from the OWL App

Any observation tied to a teacher can be emailed directly from the OWL App, even if it is still in DRAFT. You can email an observation in one of two ways:

  • From the list of observations, swipe right to left, and choose email. If the observation is a site visit and not tied to a single teacher, this option will not be available.

  • When viewing an individual observation, click on the SAVE at the top of the observation, and go to email.

Emailing an Observation from the OWL Website

To email an observation from the OWL website, go to the Record Center, click on the box next to the observation you would like to email, and click the email icon.

Printing from the OWL Website

There are two options on how to print out an observation from the OWL website. All observations can be printed, while only observations tied to a teacher can be emailed.

  • As with emailing an observation from the record center, you can choose the print option instead of email.

  • You can also print an observation while viewing that observation on the OWL website by clicking the print icon.

Resend Sign-Off Email

Supervisors can also resend a sign-off email to a teacher if they did not originally receive it. This will be available for any observation that requires teacher sign-off.

  • From either the Record Center or OWL Dashboard, click on the observation you wish to resend the sign-off for:

  • At the top of observation, click the Resend Sign-Off link: