Have you added your photo to OWL? Below are the steps to add your photo to OWL. One note, only still photos will work, for example if you have a “live photo” from your iPhone or iPad, you cannot use that for OWL.

Adding a Profile Photo

Users can upload a profile photo from the OWL dashboard (via the OWL website). To upload a profile picture:

Click on the tool icon in the top right corner of the OWL website dashboard page (1).  Click on Profile Picture (2).

Click on Choose a Photo (3). Locate the photo you want to use on your computer (4), click Open (5). 

You can change the size, and move the picture to fit in the circle (6). You can also turn the picture if needed (7). Click Done to use the picture, or Cancel to start over (8).

Your picture will now be visible in OWL!